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Porous metal products are invaluable in separation and filtration applications where high temperatures,

high pressures, and aggressive chemicals are present.

BMP Americas LLC provides the highest quality porous sintered metal products at very competitive prices.  Our products include sintered wire mesh, metal fiber felt, wedge wire, baskets, and complete assemblies for use in filtration, separation, sparging, and gas diffusion.

BMP Americas is based in the United States with sales and technical service available worldwide.

Sintered Metal Sheet Product

Multi-Layer Metal Mesh


Our standard products include four different types of sintered wire mesh product with filtration efficiencies from 2 micron to 200.  

In addition to our standard product lines, we can produce product to meet your specific requirements.

Sintered Fiber Metal


Sintered fiber metal felt ranges from 2 micron to 100 micron. High structural stability, high flow rates and low pressure drop. Sintered fiber metal is used in both in depth filtration and surface filtration as used in blow back style elements.

Filtration Products

Pleated Metal Filter Cartridges


Pleated Depth Filter Elements

Stainless Steel and other alloys

Absolute Filtration Rating:

3µ—60µCleanable / Reusable

Dust Collection Filters


Sintered Fiber Metal

Surface Filtration - Blowback Style

SS 316L, 304, 310, FeCrAl, 

Absolute Filtration Rating: 3µ—200µ

Basket Filters / Strainers


Perforated Sheet Support with Sintered Wire Mesh Filter Media

Standard and Custom Sizes & Styles

Stainless Steel 316, 304, 310

Filtration Products

Guard Filters

Guard Filters

Double tube design maximizes surface area

Cleanable / Reusable

Collect more product

Reduce loss of powders

Filter Cloth Pack


Wide Choice of Media:

Stainless Steel Sintered Fiber Mesh

Phosphate Copper Wire Mesh

Copper Wire Mesh

Frame Materials: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Nickel Coated Copper

Leaf Filter Pack


Sintered Fiber Metal & Sintered Metal Mesh

Robust design and build extend service life

Holds up to frequent cleaning cycles

Filtration Products

Centrifugal Element



Sintered Metal Mesh is an exceptional media for dynamic filtration equipment

Wedge Wire



Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen

Absolute Filtration Rating: 30µ—80µ

Cone Filters



Multilayered Sintered Wire Mesh

Sturdy Design Holds up to Repeated Cleanings

Standard & Custom Sizes

BMP Americas Product Information

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